God’s Merciful Rainbow: A Sky Bound Promise

Whenever I travel by air, I always prefer to book a window seat, as I enjoy observing the world from above. During my flight to Georgia yesterday, as the plane soared at an altitude of 35,000 feet early in the morning, I looked out the window and witnessed an awe-inspiring sight. It was a beautiful circular rainbow-colored ring that adorned the sky. I was so captivated by the display of God’s Masterpiece that I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures. Still, the true beauty of this beautiful phenomenon exceeded the capacity of any camera. I was fortunate enough to witness a celestial marvel that left me awestruck.

What struck me the most was that this circle rainbow phenomenon persisted, following the plane for over 45 minutes. It was as if God had painted a living canvas in the sky, a vivid reminder of God’s creative and enduring presence. In the quiet moments above the clouds, in the turbulent moment through the clouds where heaven seemed to touch the earth, I couldn’t help but ponder the stunning circular rainbow gracefully keeping pace with the aircraft, relentlessly pursuing and staying with us throughout our journey. It became a tangible symbol of the truth proclaimed in Psalm 23:6.

The Psalmist, David, expresses a profound truth that resonates through the corridors of time and reaches into the depths of our hearts: “Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life.” The mercy of God is not a seasonal gift, nor is it subject to the whims of circumstance. It is an ever-present, unwavering force that pursues us relentlessly.

The word “follow” suggests a purposeful and intentional action. Similarly, God’s mercy is not something that happens to us but actively pursues us. It is like a gentle yet persistent breeze that never stops enveloping us in its tender embrace. The mercy of God is with us in our times of hopelessness and despair, as well as in our moments of triumph and success. It is present in the mundanity of our everyday lives, walking beside us every step of the way.

How comforting to know that we’re not left to navigate life’s journey alone! In times of joy, God’s mercy celebrates with us. In times of sorrow, it comforts and heals. When we stumble and fall, God’s mercy lifts us up and sets our feet on solid ground. The promise of God’s mercy following us is an anchor for our souls, a constant reminder that we’re never beyond the reach of God’s loving care.

For me, the rainbow, a symbol of God’s covenant and promise, encircled the plane with its radiant hues was a living testament to the unchanging nature of God’s mercy. Like that circle rainbow, God’s goodness envelops us, bringing color and beauty to the canvas of our lives. Just as the rainbow followed the plane for an extended period, God's mercy is not a fleeting experience. It doesn’t abandon us when we reach high altitudes or disappear when we descend into life’s valleys. Instead, it faithfully follows us, a constant companion through life’s journey.

May we be like that circle rainbow, persistent in our pursuit of God’s mercy and unwavering in our faith. In moments of joy, let us celebrate God’s goodness; in times of trial, let us trust in God’s enduring love. As we gaze out into the vast expanse of life, may we be reminded that God’s mercy follows us, a rainbow of hope, promising that we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Pray with me: Promising God, thank you for the enduring reminder of your mercy, painted in the skies as a vibrant rainbow. May your goodness and love continue to follow us each day. Amen.

Note: I have a video of the rainbow circle. If you are interested, let me know, and I’ll send it to you.
Written by Rev. Kay Dubuisson






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