Get Involved

"For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve..."

Mark 10:45

Discover meaningful ways to engage and make a difference in our church and in the community. Whether you have a passion for service, a desire to grow spiritually, or talents to share, our "Get Involved" page offers a gateway to opportunities. Explore volunteer roles, join ministries, participate in outreach programs, or connect with small groups. Together, let's create connections, build relationships, and impact lives through active involvement. Find your place and experience the joy of contributing to a thriving, caring, and vibrant church family and serving the needs of the community.

Volunteer Opportunities  

AV Ministry

Bringing sights and sounds to life, our AV team ensures seamless audio and visual experiences during worship services, enhancing engagement and creating a vibrant atmosphere.


We bridge connections, spread inspiration, and share stories. Through newsletters, social media, and our website, we keep our church community informed and engaged.


Radiating warmth and hospitality, our team creates a welcoming environment, greeting guests with genuine care, and ensuring everyone feels valued and embraced within our church family.

Music Ministry

Our talented musicians and vocalists lead heartfelt worship, elevating spirits, and creating a powerful atmosphere of praise. Join us as we unite in song, glorifying God together.

Children and Youth Ministries

Nurturing young hearts, we provide a safe space for growth, faith exploration, and friendship. Through engaging activities and teachings, we empower the next generation to embrace their faith journey. 

Liturgical Dance

Through graceful movements and expressions, our dancers worship and convey the message of faith. Join us in a beautiful fusion of art and spirituality.

Covenant House

Caring Connections

Covenant House provides housing and supportive services to youth facing homelessness. The team coordinates with staff of Covenant House to support the immediate needs during the Holiday season.

United Women in Faith

A diverse and inclusive community empowering women to grow in their faith, find support, and inspire one another on their spiritual journeys. 

Sanctuary Design

Creating a sacred space, our team meticulously designs and enhances the sanctuary, cultivating an atmosphere that inspires worship, reflection, and spiritual connection.


Fostering community and connection, we organize church-wide social activities, picnics, and family events, creating opportunities for members and guests to build relationships and enjoy fellowship together. 

Men at The Mark

A diverse and inclusive group of men striving to be better servants of God by engaging and encouraging men of our community to join together to make good men better. 
PineRidge Bible Study ministry is a monthly gathering that encourages seniors to walk with one another while
providing them with a sound devotional time.
The Homebound Ministry meets the needs of the elderly and others who cannot physically attend church.

Agape Club

Offering solace and support, we accompany grieving families after the funeral and interment, providing comfort and a sense of peace during their time of loss.

Communion Stewards

With the pastor, we ensure the thoughtful preparation of bread, wine, and communion ware for the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper on the 1st Sunday and other special occasions.

Prayer Ministry

Guiding and encouraging an active prayer life, we organize prayer meetings and offer support to church members. We intercede for specific concerns and unknown needs, fostering a vibrant culture of prayer within the body of Christ. 

Questions about volunteering?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.