Squirrel Wisdom: Embracing Preparation

I love this season because of the refreshing and invigorating temperatures. The beauty of God's creation is on full display as we move from Summer to Fall and Winter. We live in a stunning part of the country, where the trees are adorned with the vibrant colors of Autumn leaves, turning our hills into a breathtaking sight. As the air gets colder and the winds strengthen, these magnificent leaves fall gracefully, leaving the trees to face the coming winter alone.

Sitting outside and breathing some fresh air, I watch the squirrels scurrying about, searching for chestnuts that have fallen to the ground. I am struck by how God has instilled in them a natural sense of preparation, making them recognize the importance of readiness for the coming needs.

This same principle applies to our spiritual growth. In our busy world, it's easy to become consumed by the demands of today and forget about tomorrow. We often find ourselves focusing on the immediate, neglecting to prepare for the future. Yet, in God's creation, we can find valuable lessons that remind us of the wisdom in preparation.

The squirrels, with their diligent and purposeful actions, teach us the significance of being prepared for what lies ahead. Just as they gather and store chestnuts for the winter, we, too, must be mindful of our spiritual and practical preparations.

God's Word encourages us to consider the ants, another creature known for its diligence in preparation. Proverbs 6:6-8 says, "Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest." While we may not have a "chief" to command us, God is our ultimate guide and provider. God calls us to be wise and diligent in preparing for the future.

Preparing for the future involves not only storing up material resources but also nurturing our spiritual lives. Just as the squirrels recognize the changing seasons and adapt accordingly, we must remain vigilant and attuned to God's seasons in our lives. We should cultivate a deep and abiding relationship with God through prayer, meditation, and fellowship with fellow believers.

In times of plenty, we should "store up" spiritual treasures in our hearts—faith, hope, love, and the knowledge of God's promises—so that when challenging seasons arrive, we are spiritually fortified and equipped to endure. Like the squirrels, we must recognize that our preparation is not merely for ourselves but for others around us. Our readiness can be a source of hope and blessing for others during their times of need.

As we reflect on the industrious nature of squirrels and the wisdom God has woven into God's creation, let us be inspired to embrace a life of preparation. Whether preparing for the changing seasons of life or eternity with our Heavenly Father, may we heed the lessons of the squirrels and seek God's guidance in readiness.

Pray with me: Dear God, we are grateful for the teachings you impart through your creations. Please help us realize the significance of being prepared in our lives. May we work hard to accumulate both material resources and spiritual riches that will keep us going during difficult times. Help us understand your timing and enable us to be a beacon of hope and positivity for those around us. We ask all of this in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Rev. Kay Dubuisson





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