Meet the Team

We proudly introduce our dedicated staff and Leadership Board members.
These passionate servant-leaders play a vital role in guiding our church community and fostering spiritual growth. Get to know our team! 

Rev. Karline (Kay) Dubuisson

Senior Pastor
Rev. Kay Dubuisson, a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is passionate about community outreach, education, and pastoral care. With a background in nursing and social work, she brings compassion and experience to her 13 years of ministry in the United Methodist Church.

Rev. Robert Kelley, IV

Youth Director
Rev. Robert H. Kelley, IV has extensive experience in church outreach and community work. He holds a BA in Theology and Pastoral Care from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Rev. Kelley is a Chaplain for the New Jersey Army National Guard and has been involved in initiatives addressing homelessness and youth programs.

Rev. Dr. Everett Kilgo

Music Director
Dr. Everett L. Kilgo is a dedicated minister and talented musician with many years of interdenominational ministry.  Dr. Kilgo is an NYU and NY Theological Seminary graduate focusing on empowering black youth.  He has pastored and founded a mission church.  Finally, Dr. Kilgo is a veteran of the US Air Force.

Sharon Douglas

Church Administrator
Ms. Sharon Douglas has been a valued member of the team since 2010. As a dedicated and professional office manager and administrator, she maintains and organizes office services, operations and procedures.  Her welcoming presence extends warmth and hospitality to our church family and the community. 

Our Leadership Board

Jennifer Nelson, Chair
Esther Canty-Barnes, Vice-Chair
Rev. Kay Dubuisson
Michael Gooden
Lacey Hunter
Lenora Isaac
Donnis Prass
Tiffany Tipton
Franz Smith
Uche Abalogu  
Anjanette "Anji" White